Met Ham Friend : JA1BRK - Tachio Yonemura

after  54 Years 3 Months 13 Days.

Mr. Tachio Yonemura, my Japanese ham radio friend, visited our home on 4/26 and we had a great time for hours having lunch together. The last time we met was 1/13/63 - 54 years 3 months and 13 days ago, when I was working in Gold Star in Pusan and was sent to Hitachi TV Plant in Totsuka, Japan, near Yokohama, for 100 days, to learn TV design technology from Hitachi, Japan.

I had ham radio station of call sign HM1AJ in Seoul from 1960, until we moved to California in 1973. During this period, except about 2 1/2 years in Pusan for Gold Star, I talked with Japanese ham friends every day for about 10 years over ham radio communication in Japanese, which helped me a lot to recover my Japanese capability. I talked Yonemura san almost every week, sometimes a few times a week. However, after we moved to U.S.A., I had U.S. ham radio station licenses with call signs of WB6FII, KB6IR and KE6AJ, but did not operate these stations for most of the years. Therefore, I have lost contact with him for more than 40 years. A few months ago, I found his e-mail address in a ham radio website called, sent an e-mail and got response back immediately. He said he will be in San Jose few month later to go to Visalia, a small city near Fresno, CA. to attend a ham radio convention.


It was my first foreign trip and everywhere/everything was curious and interesting in 1963. He took me to Hakone and various places around Kamakura where he lives. I had really wonderful time with him driving around with his car.

I have displayed this "WELCOME" message on my 60" TV in our living room when he arrived,
and many monitors in my ham radio/computer room too.


When we met last time in Japan - 54 years ago.
He was a Kei-oh University student and I was Gold Star engineer.

On 4/26, at my home. Welcome JA1BRK - Yonemura san.

It was a great pleasure to see my friend 54 years later !!