Latest  Photos of Korean hams inW/K-VE

(1) Alphabetical order of U.S./Canada Call Sign first.      
(2) HM/HL Stations without U.S./Canada Call Sign next.

Korean Prefix was changed from HM to HL in March, 1980.

HM-XX : Hams moved out of Korea before March, 1980 (Never licensed as HL----)
HL-XX : Hams moved out of Korea after March, 1980 (Call Sign changed to HL---) 


AA2BA (박정양) in New York

AB6AD/ex-HM1XO (함우석) in Los Angeles, California

AB6XI (서보석) in Los Angeles, California


AB0D (장혁) in Maple Grove, Minnesota

AD1AD/ex-HM1AHK (안치윤) in Boston

AD6BI/ex-HM1FM (배원근) in Los Angeles Area

AD6OY/ex-HM1GC/HM1HT (손복수) in Los Angeles, California

K6HM/ex-HM1BB (김영걸) in Los Altos Hills, California

KB6LUE/ex-HM1LN (이진규) in Los Angeles, California

KD1AB/ex-HM1AB (조요윤) in Orlando, Florida


KD7LO/ex-HM1AC (최윤근) in Phoenix, Arizona with KE2HF/ex-HM4DF

KE2HF/ex-HM4DF (장황남) in Phoenix, Arizona.

KE2X/ex-HL2AG (윤은상) in Houston, Texas

KE6AJ/ex-HM1AJ (조동인)/ex-HM1AM(임정혁) in San Jose, California

KE6YC/ex-HM1GD (백우현) in San Diego, California

KQ6LV/ex-HM1LJ(박대웅) & KG6DLO/ex-HM1QJ(임영빈) in Hesperia, California

VE3HLM/ex-HM1AX(김형보) in Ottawa, Canada

VE6CGX/ex-HM1AY (황등일) in Calgary, Canada

HM1AT (김세환) in Laguna Woods, California

HM1AU(정정덕) in San Diego, California

HM1BI (최강림) in Cupertino, California

HM1CC (조수자) in Freeland, Washington State

HL1CG (송형석) in Los Angeles, California

HL2AA (배명승) in Sunnyvale, CA

Korean Hams in New York Area

Korean Hams in Los Angeles Area

Korean Hams gathered in Los Angeles

Korean Hams in Toronto, Canada