They left Fremont home on 12/9 morning and drove Highway 101 to north. They went to Pacific coast for a while on the way, visited tunnel trees at two places (greens on the above map) and stayed one night at McKinleyville, near Eureka.

Next day, they drove to Crater Lake and stopped at Klamath to see another tunnel tree on the way. After the Klamath, they took Highway 199 to northeast which passes by the Siskiyou National Forest where James Kim family was stranded for more than a week in the wild forest and James Kim was frozen to death, just little while ago. It seems he didn't have knoledge nor experience how winter high mountains are dangerous to drive and drove in to the wild National Forest without good road, lodging nor passing car in winter time, in the dark after the dinner especially, while weather could be be changed so fast unexpectedly very often at the high elevation and road could be frozen and very slippery especially in the nights due to fast drop of the temperature after sunset.

When they arrived almost to the Crater Lake (only about 20 miles away), rain was changed to the snow because of high elevation. As the road was so slippery, they were forced to turn around. Their original plan was shown by red line on the above map but had to take blue line to go to Weed to stay the second night.

On 12/11, They went to Shasta Lake to visit a cave there. After the the cave tour, they drove Highway 5 and 80 to Novato, dropped two visiters there where D.I.'s aunt's younger brother lives and finished great 3 days trip.