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Established in May 2000                                      

0 Years of My Life                                                                                                                                           

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Independence Day BBQ


We had Independence Day BBQ Picnic at the Coyote Point Country Park, just south of SFO airport, on 7/4
as we have had every year.  We had a same 7/4 BBQ here 8 years ago in 2010.
There were 16 members joined this year to this annual BBQ :
Charlies family, Johnny who drove up from L.A., Myung-Hyuk family, Jane's younger sister living in south San Jose, and her daughter Michelle Lee's family. In addition to these regular members, Do-Hyuk Yim, cousin of Jane, couples
 joined as they were here from New Jersey to travel our 10th. around North American Continent Tip, which was cancelled, but came here anyway.


Beautiful Flowers
A beautiful Flower Garden has been created in our backyard.

About 7-9 years ago, when we lived in this house, we had a wonderful Flower Garden with a few 100s flowers. This house has been rented again for 5 years since and we came back about 3 years ago. Now, we started flower garden again and about 100 flowers have been planted in our backyard since late March, creating a beautiful Flower Garden again.

 KMI/AMI Alumni Monthly Meeting

Next Meeting - 8/10/18

Free Dinner will be served - Donated by D. I. Cho

KMI/AMI Alumni have monthly free chatting meeting  on the 2nd. Friday of every month. Any ex-KMI/AMI members are welcome to join on the day which starts at 6:30PM and will close at around 9:00PM. It will be just a chatting meeting to see each other and talk freely without any special subjects.
Free Dinner will be served - Donated by D. I. Cho


6/8 Meeting - Flower Garden of D. I. Cho

6/8 Meeting was held in the house of D. I. Cho. KMI/AMI Alumni couples were invited to his house and enjoyed catered dinner watching his beautiful backyard flower garden created recently.


Andrew & Dylan
graduated High School.
They are now semi-adult and will be college student from Sept.

Andrew and Dylan graduated Los Altos High Schook on 6/1 and will become college student from Sept.. Andrew will attend "Santa Clara University", not too fsr from home, where his father has been graduated and Dylan will join "Cal-Poly" in San Luise Obispo, about half point from San Jose to Los Angeles, where uncle Willy has been graduated.


Memorial Day BBQ
We had a wonderful BBQ picnic on the Memorial Day.

Johnny came up from L.A. for the Memorial Day long week end and we had a great Memorial Day BBQ at a nearby county park - The Vasona Lake County Park.

Charlie's family, Somoon family (Jane's youngest sister Myung-Hyuk's family in San Jose) and
their daughter Michelle's family joined us as usual to have a wonderful BBQ at Vasona Lake Country Park in Los Gatos, not too far from our home.


Ham Radio Station KE6AJ
is back to the air !!   

KE6AJ is back to the air in San Jose, California after 15 years of silence.
The last day KE6AJ on the air was 4/29/2000 in Fremont

Now, SteppIR all bands Antenna (7 - 28MHz) on the top of 45 ft (15m) high crank up/down tower is ready with IC-7610 Transceiver (100W) and Acom A-1500 Linear Amplifier (1.5KW).


Andrew and Dylan

Andrew (Nam-Jin) and Dylan (Nam-Hyun), twin sons of Charlie (Choong-Koo Cho) and Jeni (Ki-Eun Kim), were born on 3/30/2000. 

We will show you some pictures of them here with regular updates from time to time so that you can watch them grow.

Latest Update :6/2//18

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