Jane went to Korea during 10/2 - 10/12 and D. I. stayed at home alone for about 10 days. Meantime, D.I. traveled for 3 days to Devils Postpile National Monument and Death Valley with Mr./Mrs. Kyu-Man Shim, old friend since Fairchild Semikor and KMI in Korea since 1966 and currently same member of Castlewood Country Club. 

They drove through Yosemite National Park and went to Mammoth Lake on the first day (10/4) - 267 miles or 427km. After they checked in hotel, they visited Devils Postpile National Monument nearby, about 7 miles away (red line on the map).

On the second day (10/5), They drove to Death Valley - 244 miles or 390km (green line on the map) and spent whole afternoon visiting Points of Interest in Death Valley (blue line).

On the third day (10/6), they drove back home driving same route they drove to Death Valley - 410 miles or 650km. (Total for the trip - 1,090 miles or 1,745km)

D. I. has visited these places a few times already but wanted to see in more detail. Especially, he drove through the Death Valley on the way to Las Vegas or on the way back from Las Vegas a few times, but never spent time within the park.  It was the first visit to these palces for Mr./Mrs. Shim and all of them enjoyed the trip very much with perfect weather - not too cold, not to hot and clear blue sky every day.