They left home at 9:30 AM on 6/16, stayed at Winnemucca, Nevada and Idaho Falls, Idaho, and arrived at Glacier National Park on the 3rd. day. The park is located in Montana and about 10% of the park is in Canada. The original plan was to stay 2 nights at the "Glacier Park Lodge" at the small town of "East Glacier Park" at southeastern corner of the park, spending one and half days to look around the park (drive around eastern part of the park in one day and cross the park next day morning), drive to Spokane to stay a night and drive back home in two days from Spokane, Washington for total 7 days trip.

However, they found the road called "Going to the Sun" to cross the park was still closed due to snow after Logan Pass and had to change the plan. They looked around the park in one day, stayed at Whitefish and drove back home in 2 days from there staying one night at Portland, Oregon on the way home, making total trip in 6 days.