This picture was taken at the first hole tee of the Plantation Golf Course in Kapalua, Hawaii, on the beatiful island of Maui. It was one of four courses in Maui that Jane and D.I. visited as part of a five days golf trip package, which Jane's three sons presented to her as a gift in honor of her 60th birthday.

Joining them on the trip were Mr. and Mrs. Kyu-Man Shim (inset). The Shims have been friends with D.I. and Jane ever since 1966, when Mr. Shim and D.I. became starting members of Fairchild Semikor in Seoul. In 1970, both D.I. and Mr. Shim became starting members of Korean Microsystems Inc. (KMI) in Bupyung, Korea.

The Chos and the Shims played four rounds of golf at four of Maui's best-known golf courses: Village Course (Feb. 1), Plantation Course (Feb. 2) and Bay Course (Feb. 3) in Kapalua, and Gold Course (Feb. 4) in Wailea.