D. I. and Jane had a Utah Canyons Trip as shown above, driving 3,026 miles (almost 5,000km) in 8 days, visiting red marked National Parks. Blue spots are where they have stayed in nights and each different color line represents drive of each day. Jane expressed the trip : We drove a lot, saw beautiful and spectacular canyons a lot, walked a lot, ate lots of junk food, got lots of sun tan, talked a lot and really enjoyed a lot. They visited Bryce and Zion canyons a few times and this trip has been planned for a few years to visit canyons further deep in Utah where they could not go usually. It was 10 days trip plan originally, but they had to give up Ranbow Bridge, Death Valley and Devils Postpile, as Rainbow Bridge is too hard to get there and they were too tired to go other two places at the end of the trip. The "Golden Age Passport" D. I. purchased at the cost of $10 after retirement was very usefull this time as it allows him and all passengers in his car free admission to all national parks and monuments (You can purchase at any national park after age of 62.).