The idea to go on the trip was first brought up on the way home after playing golf on 7/11.  The weather for the next three days was forecasted to be higher than 100F. Since it would be too hot to play golf, Jane and D.I. decided to take a trip instead.  They left home around 9:30 AM on 7/12 with very light luggage.  There was no plan, no motel reservation, no preparation at all. The plan was just to drive each day until they were ready to stop and then stay at any motel they were able to find.  This was a very unusual way for them to travel, as they have always had a detailed plan for every trip they ever made, with reservations for lodging each day. This was the first time they travelled without any plan at all, except to drive Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast, visit Crater Lake in Oregon and come back home down Highway 5.

The first stop was Muir Woods National Monument, about 15 miles north of San Francisco on Highway 1. They spent a little over an hour there, then drove to Bodega Bay, where they had a very late lunch (after 2:00 PM) at the Bodega Harbour Golf Links Club House.