Happy New Year !! 

KMI/AMI Alumni New Year Party - 1/17/09

The KMI/AMI Alumni members got together by 5:30 PM and had a great New Year Party at ex-KTVN 
Hall arranged by  K. A. Sung this year again. It was a Korean-TV studio where K. A. Sung was the president 
before he retired. Many Thanks to K. A. Sung again, and W. K. Chang who arranged the party.

After the dinner first (during the dinner, the DVD "39 Years with KMI" prepared by D. I. was played.), 
each member had a greeting messages followed by Karaoke contest. After the main event, they still could not go home and got together again at another room, chat untill 11:00 PM and finally went home after 11:00 PM. 
It was really a great New Year Party every member joined enjoyed an evening very much and
wishing a
Very Happy New Year each other.

Mr./Mrs. K. M. Shim had to leave early to join another party before the picture taking (circles at left).
From Left to Right : W. K. Chang, T. H. Lee, C. W. Kim, M. E. Hong, D. I. Cho, K. R. Choi, K. A. Sung and S. S. Pyo with each wife in front sitting, except M. E. Hong and K. R. Choi. (Their wives could not come as they are out of town.)


Karaoke Contest. Who was the winner? No one but all.


After the party, they still could not go home and got together again in another room to have endless talking about all kinds of matters - Golfing, Health, Life etc. etc. - untill 11:00 PM.


D. I. Cho prepared the following 4 DVDs and gave them as a New Year Gift to all members attended.


You can view the party video clicking the following picture.