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Dong-In Cho, also known as "D.I.," is the head of the Cho family. He was a pioneer in the Korean electronics industry since 1960, joining Gold Star Co.(1960-1964), the only electronics manufacturing company in Korea at that time, as the first college graduated engineer. D.I. spent most of his working life specializing in semiconductor manufacturing at Semikor [Semiconductor Korea = Fairchild Korea]  (1966-1970), KMI (1970-1973), AMI in Silicon Valley, California (1973-1976), TMI in Taichung, Taiwan (1976-1978), back to AMI (1978-1986) and Samsung Electronics (1986-1998).

He also pioneered Ham Radio in Korea and played an important role in organizing the Korean Amateur Radio League (KARL) in 1955. In 1960, he began operating one of the earliest Ham Radio stations in Korea (call sign HM1AJ), communicating with other Ham Radio operators worldwide. In 1970, he became the 3rd. President of KARL, and held that position until 1973, when the Cho family moved to the United States.

He is now retired and spends his time taking care of flowers in the garden, traveling around and killing time with computer and Internet. He operated his Ham Radio Station - Call Sign : KE6AJ - actively in U.S.A. but closed it down in Apr. 2000, retiring from Ham Radio hobby also.

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The matriarch of the Cho family, Jane was an avid golfer and an outstanding cook.

Like her husband, Jane was also a Ham Radio operator, and had been since college (her call sign: HM1AM). In fact, she holds the distinction of being the first licensed female Radio Operator ever in Korea, not only among amateurs but professionals as well.

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William Cho, the eldest son, is in Seoul doing Touring Business and operating a Restaurant.. 
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Charlie and his wife Jenifer gave birth to two handsome twin boys, Andrew (Nam-Jin) and Dylan (Nam-Hyun) on 3/30/2000. They are grown and great baseball players now. Charlie is a computer programmer at Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino, California. Jeni plans to be a stay-at-home mom. 
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Johnny Cho, the youngest son, is Director of Online Media at the Armstrong Lighting, specialized lighting system company.

This job, however, only pays his bills while he pursues his true passion: screenwriting. One of his scripts was selected as The Grand Award Winner in March, 2001 out of more than a thousand scripts submitted, by a scriptwriters' magazine "Fade-In". He is now looking for someone to buy his script.