Happy Birthday, Jane - 2019

We had a great birthday party of Jane on 1/19 Sat. though her real birthday is 1/24
 as it is Thursday, a working day. Willy came from Seoul, Korea and served as the main chef.
Johnny drove up from L.A..  On the way, he visited Cal-Poly in San Lois Obispo, picked up Dylan
and came with Dylan together. He will drop Dylan to Cal-Poly on 1/21 on the way back.

Willy came from Seoul on 1/16 and arranged the party as the Main Chef with the foods Myung-Hyuk (Jane's Sister living in San Jose), Charlie and Michelle (Myung-Hyuk's daughter) brought some foods in.
Willy will return to Seoul on 1/28 after the stay of almost 2 weeks.

As 1/21, Monday is the holiday too (Marting Luther King Jr. Day), Andrew and Dylan could have 3 holidays. Charlie picked up Andrew from University of Santa Clara in nearby Santa Clara and Johnny picked up Dylan fron Cal-Poly in San Louise Obispo (middle point from L.A. to San Jose) on the way from L.A.

12 members celebrated Jane's birthday.
Front sitting (Left to Right) : Dylan, Jane, D.I., Andrew.
Back standing (L to R) : Michelle (Myung-Hyuk's Daughter), Michelle's daughter, Myung-Hyuk (Jane's sister),
Willy, Charlie, Johnny, Jenni, Sam (Michelle's husband), Somoon (Myung-Hyuk's husband)

Beautiful and very thoughtful Birthday Cards.

Flower from south of Wshigton D.C.

 Happy Birthay, Jane - 2019