D.I. and Jane returned back to U.S. from Korea in Nov. 1976, though D.I. stayed most of days  in Irvine, California since June already, to work for AST Computers which Samsung Electronics acquired but had a serious quality problems.

The following picture was taken on Jane's birthday (Jan. 24 1997) in Orange County, California.
Left Photo - Birthday Dinner at a restaurant.
Right Photo - On Jane's birthday at home. Left to Right : Jenni, Carol McDonald (Kyung-Hye) with Leslie (Carol's daughter), Sung-Ja (Seong-Koo's wife), Jane, Seong-Koo (hidden behind Jim), Jim McDonald (Carol's husband), D.I. (hidden behind Johnny), Johnny.

They rented a house on the hill of Corona del Mar, near Newport Beach, California, which had a magnificent view from backyard as shown here, much better than any resort hotel. They have considered once seriously to buy the house and retire here.

Northwest to NortheastA : Fashion Island area (It is not an island but the name of shopping mall), center of Newport Beach city.  B : Pacific Ocean.  C : Prestigious Palos Verdes on Rolling Hills of Los Angeles.  D : Irvine and Garden Grove where Disneyland is. (Night view was also spectacular.)

West - Pacific Ocean, long Catalina Island far away and southern part of Newport Beach city in front.

Sunset : Gorgeous sunset to Pacific Ocean with Fashion Island area in front.