D.I. was dispatched to Hitachi Totsuka TV Factory near Yokohama, Japan, by Gold Star. Co. for about three months of  TV Manufacturing Training in early 1963 (1/7 - 4/16).

Korea had just started TV broadcasting (black and white, of course) at that time and Gold Star, the only electronics company in Korea, was going to start first TV manufacturing in Korea with Hitachi technology. Six Gold Star engineers were sent to Hitachi for training and D.I. was one of them. They were returning home on 99th.day. However,  their plane could not land Kimpo Airport because of dense fog and returned to Tokyo. They returned home on 100th.day.

The color photography was very new to consumers at the time and was very expensive. However, it was the first foreign trip for D.I. and he spent 1/3 of trip allowance just to take hundreds of color slide pictures of Japan!! (Negative film for printing was not available yet.)

Top Left : At Hitachi showroom, Top Right : In front of "Gold Star Trainees' Office", Bottom Left : In Hitachi TV Assembly Line, Bottom Inset : With fellow Gold Star engineers dispatched together.