Ham Radio Station - KE6AJ

D.I. couldn't forget his hobby of ham radio always during his entire life. He had a ham radio station HM1AJ in Korea and KB6IR in Cupertino until he moved back to Korea to join Samsung. But he couldn't have it while he was working for Samsung in Korea and U.S.

As soon as he retired, he wanted to have this hobby back. However, when he tried to install antenna tower, he found the Home Owners' Association does not allow any antenna at outside of his Fremont home.

He still could not give up the ham radio and purchased this house shown here at bottom picture which is a small old house one mile away from his home. He set up his ham radio station KE6AJ in this house and operated it for about a year.

However, he found it is very inconvenient to have a ham radio station at somewhere else where he does not live. Now, he had to give up the hobby and closed the station down removing all radio equipment including antenna tower. The house was rented to someone for a few years as a rental property and sold.

It was very unusual and crazy idea to buy a house just for a hobby. Was it? Well, many people buy airplane, boat, expensive car, country club membership etc. just for fun. Why not house? Down payment of house was not any more than country club membership and the ham radio was that much important for him. Fortunately, he was profitable buying this house as sky-rocketing housing price in Silicon Valley created more profit than the cost to set up the radio station. Sometimes, crazy idea is not that bad at all...?      D.I. still wants another ham radio station somewhere someday.

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