This is the Fairchild Semikor (Semiconductor Korea) in late 1960s. It was  founded in 1966. at Daebangdong, Seoul, as the first semiconductor manufacturing company in Korea, 100% invested by the Fairchild Semiconductor in Mountain View, California.

D.I. worked at Semikor as one of the starting members (badge # 13) from Dec. 66 through Feb. 70. He joined as a Training Supervisor at first. Then, he was promoted to Industrial Engineer in two months and to Manufacturing Engineering Manager again in 4 months. After working at Manufacturing Engineering (Industrial Engineering & Training, Production Equipment Maintenance, Facility and Safety) for almost two years, he was assigned to the Local Sales Manager for little more than a year until he joined KMI in March 70.

Top Left : Main gate of Semikor with factory building behind.   Top Right : Lyle Clevenger, General Manager, from whom D. I. leaned American Management most.  Bottom Left : D. I. and P.Y. Kim (Production Control Section Manager) with the first local sale order sheet from customer (D.I. took 95% of Korean transistor market orders competing with Motorola Korea in the first year of local sales job).  Bottom Right : Lieu Silverstein, first Manufacturing Engineering Manager, whom D. I. reported at first. He hard-trained D. I. for his job, promoted D. I. to his position, and returned to U. S. in six months. D. I. learned American Operation including Industrial Engineering from him.