D.I. made an Eagle on 5/19/03 at the 9th. Hole of Castlewood Country Club Valley Course. It is 529 Yards PAR-5 hole.  D. I. shot about 200 yards with driver and another 200 yards with #3 metal, leaving about 130 yards to the center of the green. Since the flag was yellow flag meaning it was placed at the back of the green, D. I. made 3rd shot with 8 Iron. The ball was dropped about 10 feet short from the pin and rolled into the cup, making it an Eagle. He made the first Eagle long time ago (1984?) at 18th Hole of Palo Alto Hills Country Club (PAR-5 about 460 yards dog leg hole) sending the ball to the green in two strokes and putting the ball into the cup with one long putting of more than 25 ft.