D.I. finally made a Hole-in-One on 3/14/02 at 14th. hole of Valley Course, Castlewood Country Club, shooting 100 yards with 10 Iron. It was windy day afternoon and D.I. was wondering whether he should use Pitching Wedge or 10 Iron. No one could see the high flying ball coming down, though they saw it was flying to the pin, because it was heading directly to the sun. D.I. could not find his ball on the green, neither in the bunker behind the green nor at the rough in front between green and pond. The ball was later found in the hole cup by Mr. Kyu-Man Shim who was playing together. The pin was at the center of the green as shown on this picture on the day. It looks like the ball went directly into the hole as there was no ball mark found around the hole cup. It was a lucky day for him shooting 92 for the round (45, 9 over par for Back 9), which was quite a good score for him.