Old Korean Ham Stations - HM

HM1AA - Cho Yosung OM.
A student of College of Engineering, Seoul National University at the time. Currently lives in Madison, New Jersey, just west of New York, U.S.A. doing own business. The rig shown is home made TX at left and Super-Pro RX (one of very fancy high class RX at that time) at the right.
HM1AB - Cho Yo-Yoon OM, Younger brother of HM1AA, currently lives in Chapel Hill, NC and operates KD1AB. He was a student of Kyunggi High School when HM1AB was operated. The Heathkit (Kit maker in U.S.A.) Transceiver shown at the left and the Linear Amp. at right were very unusual ham transceiver (not easily available) in Korea at the time. He got it from HL9 American hams in Korea perhaps.

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HM1AG - Yim Ilmyung OM.
Another student of Kyunggi High School at the time. Now lives in East Northport, New York  BC-342 receiver is shown again at the left.

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HM1AI - Seo Joon-Ho OM.
All Heathkit rigs. Apache TX at the left and small Heathkit RX at the right in the picture. Currently KG6MQS in Los Angeles area.
HM1AJ - Cho Dong-In.
A student of Engineering College, Seoul National University at the time. The rigs shown are Halicrafters RX and Heathkit Apache TX, which were actually rigs of HM0HQ, KARL HQ station. As HM0HQ got better rig from General Conway, the vice-commander of 8th. U. S. Army at that time, HM1AJ used this rigs which were donated by HL9KC - Mr. Holms when he returned to U.S.A.
HM1AK - Rhee Yeo-Eun OM.
Another student of Engineering College, Seoul National University at the time, a classmate of HM1AJ. Still operating HL2AK. Collins R-388 receiver shown on the right was the top class best receiver available at the time and the TX at the left was the first TX of HL9TA.
HM1AM - Im Jung-Hyuk YL.
The first licensed female radio operator including professional radio operators in Korea, was a student of Ehwa Women's Univercity at the time. Now, XYL of HM1AJ. HM1AJ made TX shown at the right (TX on top and AM Modulator/Power Supply at bottom) with 2E24 vacuum tube (25W output). Due to unstable power line (voltage was fluctuating hour by hour) , voltage controller on top of Heathkit receiver on the left had to be used always.
HM1AN - Kim Tae-Wook OM.
A student of Yonsei University at the time.
HM1AT - Kim Sewhan OM, lives in south of Los Angeles CA, U.S.A.
HM1AX - Kim Hyung-Bo OM operates VE3HLM in Ottawa, Canada.