D.I. CHO'S FAMILY : Here's a picture of my dad with his brothers and sisters:

The two tall young gentlemen in the back are my dad's brothers, Dong-Joon (2nd eldest - deceased) and Dong-Han (4th eldest - missing during Korean War). 
The two little girls in the middle are two of my dad's sisters, Dong-Sun (5th eldest - deceased) and Dong-Hyun (6th eldest) who lives in Korea. 
The little boy to the right is my dad Dong-In (youngest and 7th.).

The three women in the front (left to right) are a cousin and my dad's two other sisters, Dong-Hye (eldest -- deceased) and Dong-Soon (3rd eldest -- deceased).   
The little boy in the front is Dong-Hye's first son Sang-Wan.