Original contract of our family with AMI was to return to Korea after 2 years of stay in Santa Clara assisting AMI people about unfamiliar Korean custom, culture and system which were causing various operational problems at both sides.

Our dad's objective for our family accepting AMI's proposal to come to AMI for 2 years were to educate English to us and expose us to western culture from early age, as Korea had to be westernized at fast pace regardless they wanted or not.

Besides, he liked driving and we have traveled a lot here and there in 1974, not only to see around for ourselves but also to show around to many KMI visitors. And here are just few places out of many places we visited.

Top Left : Tioga Pass of Yosemeti National Park, 9941 feet above sea level.

Top Right : Chandlier Tunnel Tree at Northern California along Highway 5.

Bottom Left : Lassen Volcanic National Park, near Redding, Northern California.

Bottom Right : Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.