Around USA Trip

We had a great trip in 1975 summer driving 11,200 miles (same distance as half of the globe, or New York to Beijing) in 5 weeks all around USA. We visited most of famous places in USA as well as many relatives and friends whom we can not visit usually. 

Top Left : Map showing where we have driven and visited.

Top Right : Visited a Oberlin classmate of our Grandfather, still living well in Cleveland, Ohio, at the time. They graduated Oberlin College, Ohio, together in 1929 - almost half century ago.

Middle Left : At Mt. Rushmore, S. Dakota.

Middle Right : At Niagara Fall with aunt Dong-Hyun (my father's youngest sister) family who lived in Toronto, Canada at the time.

Bottom Left : Had a flat tire in Georgia due to hot weather and high speed free way driving, though tire was relatively new. Had to get highway patrol's help.

Bottom Right : At Key West, Florida. South eastern corner of USA.

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