Samsung DRAM Quality Improvement Chart    


D.I. joined Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC) and returned to Korea in late 1986. They lived in Korea for 10 years until they returned to U.S. in 1996. During this 10 years, D.I. worked 5 years for Semiconductors Division and another 5 years for Home Appliances Division of Samsung to improve the Quality of the products and to support customers technically. Then, he was transferred to U.S. to work at AST Computers in Irvine, California, for a year, which Samsung acquired and had a serious quality problem and SAS, Samsung Austin Semiconductors, a new DRAM Wafer Fabrication plant in Austin, Texas, for about an half year to set up quality system from the start of the plant, working total of about 12 years for Samsung until he retired in 1998.

D.I. traveled a lot around the world to visit customers to resolve quality problem and to convince customers about the excellent quality of semiconductors of Samsung for Semiconductors Division, and to train employees and set-up Quality System of oversea manufacturing plants for Home Appliances Division. Samsung DRAM quality improved from worst to best in the world since D.I. joined Samsung Semiconductors Division as shown at the left chart, and Samsung home appliances (TV, VCR, Refrigerator, etc) quality improved to Japanese products level too since D.I. joined Home Appliances Division. All D.I. did in both divisions were to set up basic systems and brain wash people for quality mind, as his philosophy is "Quality is made by minds not by finger tips", just as he had proven in KMI and TMI.

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Top : Meeting customers at Kiheung Plant of Samsung Semiconductors Division. (D.I. at far left)
Center : Training employees of Samsung TV Plant in England showing problem areas with video he took in their production  line.
Bottom : Samsung 1M DRAM Shipping Quality Chart showing improvement.