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Transcontinental Trip

 7/6 - 8/6, 2017

We are going to drive around North American Continent again - our 9th. drive around - during 7/6 - 8/6 (one month). By this driving, we will achieve 18 times of crossing the continent. We would like to have another one next year to achieve 10 times of driving around the continent in our life, though we are not sure whether we could do it next year or not ??????

(Written in Korean/English. 본문은 한글/영문입니다.)


Transcontinental Trip

 7/8 - 8/5, 2016

 Visiting Korean Hams

This is the 8th. Transcontinental Round Trip to visit about 50 Korean hams
in U.S.A. and Canada. I have never met most of them and never had even a QSO over the air. However, all of them expressed strong welcome and we will have a lot of talk about mutual ham radio life and old stories of Korean Amateur Radio League.

이여행은 미국과 캐나다에 있는 한국인 햄 약 50명을 방문하기 위하여 실행될 여행입니다. 이 50명의 햄들의 대부분은 만난일이 없는 초면이고, 대부분 교신 조차 한일 없는 햄들이지만, 그저 같은 햄이라는것 만으로 환영해주시고, 많은 즐거운 대화를 하게 될것입니다.
이것으로 미대륙 횡단을 16번 하게되고, 8번 왕복하게 될겁니다.

(Written in Korean. 본문은 한글입니다)


Transcontinental Trip

 6/6 - 7/2, 2015

Upto now, our 6 past transcontinental trips were primarily to see the scenery of this huge and beautiful continent and we met the friends and relatives on the way of the trips. However, it is quite different this time not visiting any sightseeing popular places. This time, it is to meet the friends and relatives in U. S. A. and Canada primarily.


Transcontinental Trip 

8/3 - 9/5, 2014

Viking Grand European River Cruise

We had another round trip crossing North American Continent - 6th. Round Trip - to have a Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest for 2 weeks to commemorate D.I.'s 80th. birthday. By this trip, we have crossed North American Continents 12 times. 


Transcontinental Trip

3/4 - 3/22, 2012

We made 9th. and 10th. crossing North American Continent by car (5th. Round Trip) to celebrate 70th. Birthdays of Jane's sister Young-Hyuk and her husband Yo-Yoon Cho who was a ham in Korea (Call Sign - HM1AB).

We drove 6,391 miles (10,226KM) in 19 days.


Transcontinental Trip

6/9 - 6/29, 2009

We travelled to Boston crossing North American Continent 8th. time (4 round trips) by car to attend the wedding of Abe Cho, the son of Young-Hyuk, Jane's sister in Virginia.


Transcontinental Trip

8/15 - 9/16, 2008

We had a whole family traveling around U.S.A. in 1975, driving 11,200 miles in 5 weeks, when we were young at the age of around 40. Now, at the age of mid-70's, we made another month long trip crossing Canada and U.S.A. this time driving 9,261 miles again. (40% of a round of the earth)


Transcontinental Trip - 2000

Short Trip just to go to Columbus, OH and come back.



Transcontinental Trip 

6/14 - 7/18, 1975

The Cho family went on a five-weeks trip across the U.S.A. We visited many famous places in 27 states, met many relatives and friends, and drove a total of 11,200 miles (17,900 km) - the equivalent of traveling approximately halfway around the earth!