Local(?) Trips - West of Rocky Mountains

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9/25 - 10/31, 2017

    Visit Korea after 14 Years   (2017)

It has been 14 years since D. I. visited Korea though only 5 years for Jane.
She visited Korea in 2012. 
This time, we are planning a trip to Korea for 37 days, 1 week more than a month.

1) to meet our families, relatives and friends before it is too late to visit.
2) to visit ham radio friends with whom D. I. talked over the radio
3) to travel around Korea for a week to see latest development of Korea.

(Written in Korean/English. 본문은 한글/영어입니다)


3/3 - 3/6, 2017

2017  L.A.  Trip (2017)

We went to L.A. to meet D-Star veteran hams, AB6AD and KE6YC OMs, learn about the mobile operation of Bluestack device and install it into my car as a preparation of the 9th. Transcontinental Trip planned in the July, this year.

(Written in Korean. 본문은 한글입니다)


1/30 - 2/5, 2016

 Ham Visiting Trip to L.A. (2016)

I have talked with HL1GN and DS1DPX in Korea over the ham radio communications almost every day for the last half year since I came back to ham radio in July, 2015. Now, they came to L.A. for a week vacation and we went to L.A. to welcome them. We also met and visited many Korean hams there for a week and were welcomed by many of them whom we have never met before, just because we are the same hams.

(Written in Korean. 본문은 한글입니다)


12/4 - 12/14, 2013

Grand Circle Winter Trip (2013)

We had a winter trip with my sister Dong-Hyun from Korea as the map shown below. I have never traveled in winter as the road condition might be very poor due to the snow, but it was inevitable this time as she came from Korea in winter. As it is still early December, I thought there would not be much chances of snow and it would be light snow if there is any. Besides, we will be traveling southwest desert states which would not have too much chances of snow in the early December. However, the real problems were at somewhere else.


11/30, 2013

Clear Lake Trip (2013)

After the Thanksgiving in 2013, We drove to Clear Lake. Charlie's family and Johnny from L.A. joined us for this one day trip. Andrew and Dylan have enjoyed fishing at the late which is well known as fishing lake, though they could not catch any as it is not the fishing season.


7/5 - 7/7, 2013

Crater Lake Trip (2013)

As Charlie's family went to Reno for baseball game during July 4th. holidays, we did not have July 4th. BBQ this year. Instead, we went Crater Lake with Johnny from L.A. and had wonderful 3 days. (This was the 3rd. Crater Lake trip for Jane & D. I.)

You can see  18 min. VIDEO clicking here. 


4/13 - 4/19, 2013

Olympic National Park  (2013)

We were talking what to do on 4/15, our 51st. Wedding Anniversary, and came up to an idea to make a trip, as we did not make any long distance traveling since our Florida Trip in March last year for more than a year. Because we visited most of famous national parks, we came up to a plan to visit Olympic National Park, which we have never been to, not too far from our house but well known as a beautiful National Park at northwestern corner of U. S. A., just south of Vancouver, Canada and west of Seattle, U. S. A..  


8/25 - 8/30, 2010

Antelope Canyon Trip (2010)

We traveled 6 days to the Antelope Canyon, close from Page, AZ, with Johnny who joined us from Los Angeles. On the way, we visited Las Vegas, Zion National Park and Monument Valley which is at the border of Utah and Arizona in Navajo Indian Reservation and several John Wayne western movies have been taken including famous "She wore a Yellow Ribbon".


4/25 - 5/1, 2010

Hawaii Cruise (2010)
We  had a cruise vacation in Hawaii for a week visiting 5 port cities in 4 islands, with our old KMI friends, K. M. Shim and C. K. An couples. It was a great experience as it was our first cruise trip, and enjoyed every moment of the "freestyle" Norwegian cruise ship "Pride of America" - a 921 feet long 14 stories huge wonderful ship with about 10 restaurants. We took excursions (land tour) for 4 days visiting about 10 places in 3 islands.


2/17 - 2/18, 2008

Hearst Castle (2008)

Jane and D.I. made a 2 days trip to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, about half way to L.A. along the Pacific coast,  where they have visited once about 35 years ago with Seong-Koo family. It was totally different from 35 years ago with a large visitor center, great tour programs and many tour buses connecting visitor center and the castle on the top of the hill, and became a quite a tourist spot with many visitors.


12/9 - 12/11, 2006

Crater Lake Trip (2006)

There were visitors from Korea - wife of D.I.'s cousin Dong-Kun and her daughter On-Koo - and they made a trip to Crater Lake. However, due to snowy weather, road to Crater Lake was too slippery and they had to give up at the point only about 20 miles away from the lake. 


6/16 - 6/21, 2006

Glacier National Park Trip (2006)

D.I. and Jane made a very enjoyable trip to Glacier National Park in Montana driving about 3,000 miles (almost same distance as San Francisco - New York) in 6 days 


10/4 - 10/6, 2005

Deveils Postpile National Monument  &  Death Valley (2005)

Jane went to Korea during 10/2 - 10/12 and D. I. stayed at home alone for about 10 days. Meantime, D.I. traveled for 3 days to Devils Postpile National Monument and Death Valley with Mr./Mrs. Kyu-Man Shim.


7/12 - 7/14, 2005

Crater Lake Trip(2005)

Jane and D.I. took a spontaneous three-day trip to Crater Lake on 7/12 - 7/14, driving up California's famous Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1). They decided to go on this trip on 7/11, when the weather around the Castlewood Country Club area was predicted to be higher than 100F - too hot to play golf.


8/10 - 8/17, 2004

Utah Canyons Trip (2004)

D. I. and Jane had a Utah Canyons Trip driving 3,026 miles (almost 5,000km) in 8 days, visiting several National Parks, mostly in Utah. They visited Bryce and Zion canyons a few times already and this trip has been planned for a few years to visit canyons further deep in Utah where they could not go usually. 


6/24 - 6/30, 2004

Victoria Island Golf Trip (2004)

D.I. and Jane went a golf trip to Victoria Island, BC, Canada with their old friends of KMI. They drove about 1,000 miles to Port Angeles, crossed the chnanel to Victoria by a car ferry, stayed 4 nights there playing three rounds of golf and came back taking same route.


1/26 - 2/2, 2004

Cancun Golf  Trip (2004)

D.I. and Jane went a week long Golf Trip to Cancun, Mexico with Mr. Kwang-Ho Kim couples, former Samsung Electronics Chairman, and old KMI friends - Mr. Kyu-Man Shim and Mr. Chung-Kyu An couples. They played 5 days of golf at Moon Palace Hotel Golf Course designed by Jack Nicklaus and spared one day for the tour to Chichen Itza to see ruins of old Mayan civilization.


10/16 - 10/29, 2003

Alabama & Florida Golf  Trip (2003)
This trip was paid by Willy as his gift for dad's birthday. 

D. I. and Jane went to Point Clear, Alabama, to attend Bryan's wedding on 10/18, played 3 rounds of golf at Alabama, drove to Orlando, Florida on 10/21 after the wedding and joined Mr./Mrs. Kyu-Man Shim who have flown from Toronto, Canada. They stayed in Orlando for a week and played 6 rounds of golf at most famous golf courses in Orlando area. 


8/12 - 8/21, 2003

Alaska & Whistler Golf Trip (2003)

D. I. and Jane traveled Alaska and Whistler, a beautiful little town about 80 miles north of Vancouver, Canada, with old Fairchild/KMI friends Mr. Kyu-Man Shim couple and Mr. Chung-Kyu An couple.


10/27 - 10/31, 2002

Southern California Golf Trip (2002)

D. I. and Jane had a wonderful five-day golf trip to Southern California with Mr. and Mrs. Kyu-Man Shim.  They left home on 10/27 and played three rounds of golf - one at Torrey Pines on 10/28, another at Aviara on 10/29 and again at Avila Beach on 10/30. They relaxed on the fourth night in the hot springs at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort on 10/30 and returned home on 10/31.


8/5 - 8/11, 2002


Banff Golf Trip (2002)
This trip was paid by Willy as his gift to parents. 

D.I. and Jane had a wonderful trip to Canadian Rockies for a week with Mr./Mrs. Kyu-Man Shim. They played 4 rounds of golf and drove a rent car from Calgary to Jasper visiting many magnificent scenic spots along Highway 93. 


4/13 - 5/1, 2001

Korea Trip (2001)

D.I. and Jane visited Korea and met all Cho families, Im families and many friends. They also enjoyed two days of golf near Seoul and 3 days in Cheju Island during the trip.


2/23 - 3/2, 2001

Acapulco Golf Trip (2001)

D.I. and Jane spent a week in Acapulco, Mexico, the world famous resort city at Pacific coast of Mexico, with four golf friend couples.


1/20 - 1/26, 2001

Hawaii Golf Trip (2001)

D.I. and Jane had a great week in Hawaii Island (Big Island) of Hawaii, playing golf every day for 5 days with Seong-Koo couple from Columbus, Ohio and Mr. Kyu-Man Shim couple.


6/7 - 6/19, 2000

Summer Trip (2000)

D.I. and Jane went on a summer road trip with three relatives from Korea : Myung-Hee Kim, her husband Jae-Duk Kim, and In-Sook Lee.


1/31 - 2/4, 2000

Hawaii Golf Trip (2000)

This trip was paid by 3 sons as their gift for mom's 60th. birthday. 

D.I. and Jane had a wonderful five days of golf trip to Kapalua in Maui Island, Hawaii with Mr. Kyu-Man Shim couple, old Fairchild and KMI friend since 1966.



China (1994)

D.I. traveled to China on several business trips for Samsung and  Jane joined him once in Beijing and again in Huizhou. 


Japan (1992)

April 15, 1992 was the 30th. Wedding Anniversary of D.I. and Jane. They went to Japan to celebrate this day and visited Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

9/7 - 9/22, 1990

Europe (1990)

Jane joined one of D.I.'s business trips to Europe at Samsung Electronics for 2 weeks and had a very enjoyable tour of some European cities.


Korea (1979)

Cho Family had a road trip in Korea, visiting Sorak Mountain, one of the most beautiful mountain in Korea, and Kyungju, the capital of old Shilla Dynasty for about 1,000 years.


Southeast Asia (1978)

D. I. was requested by AMI, American Microsystems Inc., to make a survey trip to look for best factory site in Southeast Asian countries and Jane accompanied him for the most of the trip except India and Mauritius.